I am an ardent nature lover, who wouldn’t mind stopping by the roadside to admire the smallest of small flower. Nature captivates and energizes me. With this passion for nature, I started enjoying travel. An interest in photography soon followed. As I started sharing my photos on Facebook, I realized how people miss observing certain aspects of nature. When I shared my photos on Facebook, the response I got was “Wow! I did not know this existed.” I also got feedback from numerous friends that the photos are helping their kids identify more birds. What more can I ask for? So, I decided to move one step ahead and make an attempt to share my experiences and photos through this website. I welcome your comments and critiques on my observations and photographs. I have categorized my photos into various galleries such as, Birds, Landscapes, People, and Macros. This list will grow over the years. Though I love all aspects of living beings in nature, I enjoy and forget myself when I see birds. Here, I am making an attempt to provide the identity of the birds along with some useful information about them. I think this is a nice way to learn about the nature and the tiny creatures around us. I try and capture my travel experience through both photos and words. After my Bhutan visit I realized that just the photos cannot convey the richness of the Bhutanese culture. Hopefully my travelogue will also answer questions that people may have about these places. Every photo has an unsaid story behind it and there is some mystery of nature that we are unaware of. Along with the photos, I will try to bring out the story and something new I learnt about nature in my blog. Contact me at: parikshana.in@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by and visiting my website!